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South Columbia Family School

A Charter School for Home and School-Based Education Sponsored by Scappoose School District 1J

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 Welcome to the family!
A Personalized Education Opportunity for Students in Grades K-8
2013-2014 marked our 10th school year in the business of successfully educating students!
South Columbia Family School (SCFS) is a public charter school where students, parents, staff and the community partner to set high academic standards to be achieved through home, individual and group instruction. Our school is designed for families who want to take an active role in their children's education.
Our qualified staff provides learning coaches/parents with a syllabus and lessons to follow up at home. Students participate in a weekly Community Day and indivudualized conferences/tutoring taught by certified staff. Our services and curriculum are provided at NO cost to our families.
SCFS Features:
  • Experienced staff                                                                
  • Weekly Community Days
  • Small class sizes, 20:1 ratio, Kindergarten 10:1
  • Active family involvement
  • Regularly scheduled conferences/tutoring
  • Teamwork between home and school
  • Personalized/individual instruction
  • Family-oriented activities and enrichment
  • Lesson plans provided by education coordinators
  • An Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for each student


Please check out "Parents Place" for our Back-to-School Parent Letter, which lists school supplies needed for the upcoming year and important dates to mark on your calendar. 


We are located in the Scappoose School District on the corner of Berg Road and Highway 30 beside Warren Elementary School.
South Columbia Family School
34555 Berg Rd.
Warren, OR 97053
Office    503-366-9009
Fax       503-366-9010
Anita Ott-Veile, Retiring Principal in June 2014   503-810-2468
Lori Bogen, New Principal beginning August 2014    971-241-8694
Vickie Weaver, Office Manager, 503-366-9009
Mailing Address
33589 SE High School Way
Scappoose, OR 97056